Service-providers, including registrars, are often approached when someone is suffering damage due to disseminated unlawful information.

DNS Belgium registrars collect and process personal data from their customers/registrants as part of the process for registering domain names, either directly via their website or via third parties (e.g. resellers, etc.).

provides an understandable and clearly structured analysis of the three legal grounds on which the third-party decider is required to base his or her ruling in the context of the alternative dispute resolution procedure for Cepina.

If you have a website or a personalised e-mail address, have you ever thought about the process that’s involved in choosing a domain name or selecting a partner to host your website?

There is unfortunately, no magic formula to think of a good company name. But let that not stop you in finding one yourself. Finding a good name for your company is a matter of experiment.

To help you we have build a paper laboratory.