Useful links

  • Cert Advisories: Website of the American government with tips about possible computer
  • Cert: is a public service whose missions include giving security-related information to the Belgian public.
  • Childfocus: Website to combat children's pornography on the Internet
  • Click Safe Government: website with the aim of protecting minors against abuse via new media and providing information to avoid it. All abuse can be notified via this site.
  • Digi Bewust: Dutch website with all kinds of information and tips for more secure Internet behaviour.
  • E-privacy: Website with all kinds of information about privacy protection (legislation, self-regulation, tips,...)
  • International Anti-phishing working group
  • Netcraft: Antiphishing toolbar for the web browser
  • Wikipedia: Overview of the most popular browsers
  • Wikipedia: More information about Phishing and Pharming


Tricksters lure you to a fake website that is a copy of a real one. They then get you to log in with your user name, password and credit card number. Once you’ve done that, the fraudster has your details.


program that makes it possible to access and read web pages. Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Safari are some well-known browsers.


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