Which complaints about abuse of the internet can you lodge with DNS Belgium?


It happens that malicious organizations avail themselves of a .be domain name to perpetrate their malpractices or disseminate messages of hatred. When such organizations use a .be domain name, observant citizens usually report it very promptly to DNS Belgium.                                                                       

When can DNS Belgium intervene? 

DNS Belgium forwards such complaints immediately to the authorities with whom we work closely. But we are not authorized to delete domain names ourselves based on their content. DNS Belgium can only proceed to cancel a domain name when it receives an order to do so from the judicial authorities.

We can intervene legally only when the WHOIS data relating to a domain name are not correct. We conduct a manual screening daily for all newly registered domain names, first and foremost in order to detect clear cases of misuse rapidly.

At the same time, we conduct a high-level investigation into the accuracy of the WHOIS data (in particular name, and contact details of the registrant).

When the WHOIS data are incomplete or incorrect, we initiate the revoke procedure. This year DNS Belgium has already revoked 1847 .be domains because they were involved in malicious activity.


What can you do?

When you are confronted with internet abuse or websites with illegal content, it is best to contact your local police station. The local police will bring in the specialized departments   (FCCU, RCCUCERT, CCB...) which will follow up your report or complaint. 

If you've received a phishing e-mail, you can: 

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Tricksters lure you to a fake website that is a copy of a real one. They then get you to log in with your user name, password and credit card number. Once you’ve done that, the fraudster has your details.


Look-up which gives information about the registrant of the domain name, his registrar, the name server and also some information about the domain status. 


Domain owner, person who holds a domain name.


Domain Name System or Domain Name Server. The global DNS is the system and protocol used on the internet to translate domain names into IP addresses and vice versa.