The Alternative Dispute Resolution Procedure

provides an understandable and clearly structured analysis of the three legal grounds on which the third-party decider is required to base his or her ruling in the context of the alternative dispute resolution procedure for Cepina. The analysis draws on the rulings made by third-party deciders in cases submitted to Cepina in 2011. These rulings have produced a number of essential and practical pieces of advice that anyone considering lodging an ADR procedure with Cepina should take into consideration.
The report also provides a summary of the 2011 figures for the ADR procedure.


The Belgian Centre for Arbitration and Mediation. Working in conjunction with CEPINA, DNS Belgium has developed an Alternative Dispute Resolution procedure (ADR) to deal with disputes relating to .be domain names.


Alternative Dispute Resolution. Any party with an interest can lodge an application for the alternative dispute resolution with CEPINA to settle a dispute about a .be domain name. The dispute is assessed by an independent Third-Party Decision-Maker, who is a legal expert in the matter. The Third-Party Decider may decide to delete the domain name or to transfer the name to the complainant. Under normal circumstances, the registrant is able to reply once in writing to the complainant's arguments.