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Our tiny country is a frontrunner for the adoption of the new Internet protocol IPv6: in July, 37.3% of all Internet traffic in our country went through IPv6. But what exactly is IPv6, and what is it used for?What is IPv6?
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Read in our financial report how many things went better than expected in 2016.
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We need say nothing to those who have young children: the spinner was the hype this past spring, but it seems rather unlikely that the gadget will survive the summer.
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For most of us the internet has become an essential part of everyday life: what’s more, 40% of Belgians even stay connected all the time.
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Although we hear more and more that surfing on the Internet consumes an enormous amount of energy, it turns out that it is possible to contribute to a greener planet while surfing.
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Over 120 brave cyclists took on the legendary Paterberg once again to raise money for Bike To Close The Gap, i.e. the digital gap in the fourth world.

Close The Gap collects money and PCs which it then refurbishes.

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There is increasing talk of Blockchain as a possible alternative for the current Domain Name System, to counter censure and cache poisoning.  But what is blockchain and can it really replace DNS?What is blockchain?

Put simply,

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